Running on Empty Dreams was filmed in 2009. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Running on Empty Dreams

Running on Empty Dreams 2009
Actors: Herb Jeffries
Jim Sharon
Andy Hurst
Alethea Kutscher
Erin Consalvi
Brad Ashten
Carlee Avers
Kariem Marbury
Soren Bowie
Eric Francis
Jennifer Cozza
Brent Fidler
Rydell Danzie
Patricia Place
John Jolly
Mick Minh Nguyen
Amy Lyndon
Stefan Fjeldmark
Jesper Møller
René Goscinny
Albert Uderzo
Roger Carel
Lorànt Deutsch
Sara Forestier
Jacques Frantz
Pierre Palmade
Pierre Tchernia
Bernard Alane
Marc Alfos
Jules Azem
Patrick Borg
Philippe Catoire
Bruno Dubernat
Luc Florian
Stéphane Fourreau
Marion Game
Chris Robinson
Vencislav Stojanov
Kit Zenga
Lee Tichon
Charles Zuckermann
Michael Phillip
Danny F Smith
Brian A. Parrish
John Hindman
Max Antisell
Thomas Roy
Richard G. Lyntton
Richard Barlow
Sally Mercer
Anna Brownfield
Amy Cater
Butch Midway
Anthea Eaton
Brianna Heart
Sarah McKeown
Tiffany Stevens
Danny Oz
Megan Spencer
Link Meanie
Slatz Toshi
Saskia Sansom
Julie Paschke
Peter Stefanou
Hong-jin Na
Won-Chan Hong
Shinho Lee
Yun-seok Kim
Jung-woo Ha
Director(s): Blake Robbins  
IMDB Rating:4.3 out of 10 (295 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Young and athletic Sydney Harris finds out that she has six months to live unless she and her husband can come up with the money for her medical treatment. Sounds simple enough; get the money, save her life. But her underpaid, working class husband can't afford the treatment. And time is ticking away. As Sydney begins to seek out a means to save her life, she begins to question her existence and does some soul searching, only to find herself falling in love with a single mom in the neighborhood that Sydney and her family have just moved into. Sydney is then forced to choose between her religious upbringing, her husband and son, and a love that she hides, all while fighting a losing battle to save her own life.

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