Unsolved Suburbia was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Unsolved Suburbia

Unsolved Suburbia 2010
Actors: Jamie Burke
Anthony Cutolo
Anne-Mari Harris
Kenny Kelleher
Jason Lockhart
Suzanne von Borsody
Armin Rohde
Ludger Pistor
Director(s): Paul Cardullo  
IMDB Rating:3.3 out of 10 (51 votes)  


Plot Summary:

MARTY is a quirky straight on weekdays, gay on weekends, high school senior, who along with his questionably straight friend JAKE unravel the mystery of who put a hit on their friend THOMAS'S new gay lover. Jake uses his expertise as a peeping tom to discover the neighborhood secrets while Marty helps Thomas into safe hiding. At home Marty has problems of his own when his boyfriend MICHAEL and girlfriend ANYBODYS find out about one another. When a surprise fourth person is discovered mingling in the mix the end results are deadlier then the hit man.

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