Every Day was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Every Day

Every Day 2010
Actors: Ray McKinnon
Michelle Krusiec
Jennifer Hudson
Lizz Alexander
Jamie Thomas King
Pamela Burrell
Amy Rilling
Kuba Czekaj
Marcus Hinchey
Przemyslaw Bluszcz
Aarti Mann
Marjaana Maijala
Maria Järvenhelmi
Director(s): Jerry Lambert  
IMDB Rating:5.5 out of 10 (1047 votes)  


Plot Summary:

This day really isn't all that different than every other day. Except today, Ned's gay son Jonah wants to go to a college party, his wife is bringing home their elderly father to live with them, and his outrageous boss seems to have become even more crazy and demanding than would even seem possible. As his wife tries to take care of her father reconnect with him, Ned tries to reconnect with Jonah, and then without trying, he seems to have formed a connection with his co-worker. If he can get through days like these, he should be able to get through anything else life throws at him.

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