Nomad was filmed in 2005. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Nomad 2005
Actors: Cedric Yarbrough
Richard LeMay
Scott Beaudin
Deirdre Donnelly
Helen Norton
Alistair Rumble
Kitty McLaughlin-Dunning
Jonathan White
John Laing
Terrence Scammell
Shane Powers
Keith R. Clarke
Virginia McMath
Director(s): Dempsey Silva
Steven Polivka
IMDB Rating:5.9 out of 10 (2236 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Rebirth of a nation. Not since Genghis Khan has anyone united the Kazakh tribes. Jungar tribesmen of Mongolia rule Kazakh land, but a prophecy has it that a descendant of Genghis will unite his people. Oraz the Wise travels the land looking for the child who will fulfill the prophecy. He finds that infant and protects him from the warriors of Galdan, the Jungar king. Oraz recruits one lad from each Kazakh tribe and teaches them the art of war, loyalty, and camaraderie. Two are the best: Mansur and Erali. They are like brothers. Each must prove himself; both fall in love with the same young woman; both fall into enemy hands. At what cost does a prophecy come to pass?

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