Rubber was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Rubber 2010
Actors: Donna White
Aaron McCusker
Tia Texada
Damien Nguyen
Stephanie Feyne
Conor Roche
Peter Nowalk
Alison Wall
Ross Jolly
Jeremy Callaghan
Director(s): Robert Sidney Mellette  
IMDB Rating:5.8 out of 10 (6120 votes)  


Plot Summary:

When Robert, a tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession.

Self-reflexive horror movies are a dime a dozen, but it's safe to say that 'Rubber' is the first to...

The trailer for this oddball, genre-mashing film is, in the cold light of day, better than the movie itself. However with a more riveting script and bigger ...

well worth a watch. don't be put off by the obscurity of it. it starts to feel normal after a while. laughed all the way through. if you liked try 'hobo...

2 hours of my life I wont get back, it was the worst film I've ever seen, nothing interesting happens in the entire film.

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