Scar was filmed in 2007. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Scar 2007
Actors: Justin Urich
Daniel Zettel
Matthew Schelle
Michael McNeal
E.J. Hott
Manny Rodriguez
Luis Posada
Sara Gaston
Brazil Joseph Grisaffi III
Louis Gusemano
Johnathan Gwyn
Michael Anthony Jackson
Leo Michael Lewis
Jalene Mack
Amy Morris
Mikko Murray
Andrae Noel
So Real
Karen Yelverton
Nigel Williams
Director(s): Marcus Newman Comier  
IMDB Rating:4.0 out of 10 (952 votes)  


Plot Summary:

While driving to her hometown Ovid, Colorado, to visit her brother and local sheriff Jeff and her niece Olympia, Joan Burrows recalls her traumatic experience with her best friend Susie when they were teenagers. Joan and Susie are smoking pot in the cemetery and decide to snoop on the caretaker Bishop in the funeral home. Joan falls and hurts her knee, and Bishop invites the girls to enter in the house to clean the wound. Soon they are sedated with chloroform and submitted to a cruel torture in a sick game where Bishop tells each girl to ask to kill the other to stop the suffering. When a copycat killer kills Olympia's friends, Joan tells the police officers that Bishop is back but nobody believes her.

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