The Burnt House was filmed in 2009. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

The Burnt House

The Burnt House 2009
Actors: William Chubb
Jeremy Brook
Nicholas Le Prevost
James Gaddas
Vivienne Ritchie
Peter Hall
Mary Wesley
Ken Taylor
Martin Benson
John Dicks
Michael Margotta
August Strindberg
Beatrice Orlandini
Olimpia Marmoross
Director(s): Polly Adams  
IMDB Rating:3.1 out of 10 (44 votes)  


Plot Summary:

The Burnt House is the story of Megan and Joe, a couple who have recently experienced the death their infant son to SIDS. The tragedy has spawned a rift between the two and driven Megan into a secret affair. After Joe loses his mother to a heart attack the couple moves out to Joe's rural childhood home seeking a fresh start. Once in the isolated home strange things begin to occur and long kept secrets try and dig their way out of the past. What happened on November 3rd? Will it happen again?

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