Vampire Boys was filmed in 2011. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Vampire Boys

Vampire Boys 2011
Actors: Andela Nenadovic
Lou Myers
Laurent Zeitoun
Derwin Phillips
Lisa Horner
Clarissa Jacobson
Travis Clark
Erin Fitzgerald
Rhimes Lecointe
Hugo Cortes
Teneisha Bonner
Director(s): Brian Russell  
IMDB Rating:2.4 out of 10 (149 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Jasin and his vampire brood's time is running out. In order for them to survive, Jasin needs to find a mortal to turn into a vampire to spend eternity with. Los Angeles provides plenty of young candidates. The brood has their eyes set on Tara, a young, gorgeous blond college student. Tara is open to the idea of becoming a vampire, but someone else enters the picture to disrupt the brood's plans. Caleb, a fresh face college student new to Los Angeles, keeps dreaming of a mysterious stranger. At school, Caleb meets the stranger, Jasin, and they have an instant connection. The problem is that time is short, and Jasin needs to convince Caleb that eternity as a vampire can be a very sweet life.

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