Live Evil was filmed in 2009. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Live Evil

Live Evil 2009
Actors: Erik Fones
Victoria Gallegos
Marcus Mathias Aarnseth
Andrea Hermosa
Francesc Orella
Julia Gutiérrez Caba
Jordi Llordella
Mia Esteve
Pere Ventura
Kailah Combs
Clint Curtis
Jami Bassman
Director(s): Robert Long  
IMDB Rating:4.6 out of 10 (190 votes)  


Plot Summary:

A hunter dressed in black. This cowboy-hat-wearing samurai-sword-wielding Priest is on a quest for blood. Vampire blood. He's out for revenge on a "clique" of four vampires who are traveling across country in search of "pure blood." The human blood stream has become polluted by drugs, alcohol, Aids, Diabetes, anti-depressants, cigarettes, anything that changes the blood even a small amount makes it undrinkable for Vampires, who, like hi-performance automobiles need "hi test" fuel= Blood in order to survive. This has started a sort of underground civil war between various groups of vampires and vampires themselves have mutated due to the pollution of their life blood. Live Evil is what is written on playing cards left behind on the bodies of dead vampires that this mysterious Priest/Hunter leaves in his wake as he gets closer and closer to our main group of vampires. He's out for revenge and the real reason for this is not revealed until the very end...

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