Metamorphosis was filmed in 2007. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Metamorphosis 2007
Actors: Tyrese Gibson
Jackie Blackmore
Bonfield Marcoux
Madeleine Péloquin
Robert Reynaert
Antoine Blossier
Erich Vogel
Joseph Malerba
Isabelle Renauld
Director(s): Gary Boudreault  
IMDB Rating:3.5 out of 10 (669 votes)  


Plot Summary:

In the Seventeenth Century, while Hungary is fighting the Turks, the population of a small village in the Carpathian Mountains faces the evil Countess Elizabeth Bathory, accused of drinking and bathing in blood of virgin women. Count Thurzo imprisons the Countess in the tower of a monastery and brings her daughter to live with him. In the present days, Keith is writing a book about Countess Elizabeth Bathory and traveling through Hungary with his friends J.J. and Kim researching her life. While trying to find the monastery, he meets the gorgeous and seductive Elizabeth, who guides the trio to the place. Keith and Elizabeth fall in love for each other, and after a car accident, they have a supernatural journey with revelations and fatalities.

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