Enen was filmed in 2009. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Enen 2009
Actors: David Buchanan
Andreas Hoppe
A.J. Fonseca
Antwain Britt
Alexander Crispim
Scott Lighty
Muhammed Lawal
Daisuke Nakamura
Josh Thomson
Ronaldo Souza
Scott Smith
Gilbert Melendez
Mike Whitehead
Michael Short
Kirsten Bishop
Director(s): Simon Naylor  
IMDB Rating:6.7 out of 10 (146 votes)  


Plot Summary:

An arrogant medical man discovers there's more to his new patient than he imagined in this drama from Polish filmmaker Feliks Falk. Dr. Konstanty Grot (Borys Szyc) is an ambitious young doctor who is determined to make a name for himself, to the point that his wife often accuses him of being more interested in his career than in her. Grot believes that he can earn the respect of his peers by successfully treating a supposedly incurable patient, and he believes he may have found a likely candidate in Pawel Plocki (Grzegorz Wolf), a mental patient who can barely function. Grot signs Plocki out of the mental hospital where he's been treated for years and moves him into his own home; in time, Plocki shows genuine improvement, and Grot thinks he?s beaten the state medical establishment at their own game. But that?s before Grot learns some secrets about his patient that cast his condition in a new and disturbing light.

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