Under New Management was filmed in 2009. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Under New Management

Under New Management 2009
Actors: Emilie de Ravin
James Barnes
Pierce Brosnan
Dagney Kerr
Kaela Elmido
Marilyn Allen
Director(s): Heather Harrison  
IMDB Rating:5.0 out of 10 (137 votes)  


Plot Summary:

An aging Brooklyn mob boss summons his nephew Robert Monte, a Wall Street whiz kid who has been shielded from the "Family" business. The Don solicits a promise that if anything happens to him, Robert will steer his wiseguy crew legit so that they will not spend the rest of their lives in jail. Robert surrenders a reluctant promise. When his uncle dies suddenly, Robert transforms the mob social club into a real estate office and struggles to navigate the mob crew into legitimate careers. Meanwhile, a gorgeous FBI agent named Julie Capp works feverishly to build RICO indictments against Robert and his crew who just can't help reverting to their old-school hoodlum ways. In the scramble, Robert and Julie find themselves fiercely attracted to one another. Will these star crossed lovers find romance? Will Robert succeed in steering his crew legit? Will Julie's RICO indictments fall?

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