Sigma Die! was filmed in 2007. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Sigma Die!

Sigma Die! 2007
Actors: Damion Dietz
Lee Cobb
Li Yuan
Kayden Kessler
Don Lincoln
Kasey Emas
Garrett Hines
Todd Haberkorn
Kim Ormiston
Misty Ormiston
Kevin Clark
Manzie Jones
Andrew Bassano Brewer
Jennifer Sommerfeld
Jenny Sommerfeld
Director(s): Chris Deshazo  
IMDB Rating:2.7 out of 10 (41 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Hell night. 1985. On a small,midwestern college campus, four men are executing a very important rite of passage. The panty raid. But something goes terribly wrong and one is left behind to fend for himself, thus beginning the legend of Zeta house. Now, more than two decades have passed, and we find five "Zeta" girls renting an off campus property for summer vacation. They are not alone. Crashing the party is their house mother, two disturbing caretakers and a group of beer swilling, wise-cracking frat boys, along with someone who is on the outside watching, waiting for their chance to join the fun!

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