Star Vehicle was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Star Vehicle

Star Vehicle 2010
Actors: John McElroy
William Darke
Sae-Byeok Song
Martin Fischer
Kent Sublette
Meghan Strange
Samantha Gutstadt
Mike Cahill
Brit Marling
DJ Flava
Meggan Lennon
AJ Diana
Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Bruce Colbert
Paul Mezey
Director(s): Stanley Griego  
IMDB Rating:4.0 out of 10 (118 votes)  


Plot Summary:

"Star Vehicle" follows the downward spiral of movie driver Donald Cardini, a self-professed movie buff with a penchant for explosive violence when provoked. Driving the stars of low-budget movies, along with their fragile egos, to and from locations in the middle of nowhere, pushes Don's buttons in all of the wrong directions. When Luke, the young and self-absorbed writer/director challenges Don's authority, murder and mayhem ensues. The movie's Scream Queen' starlet, Riversa Red, to her dismay finds herself the target of Don's obsession. With his encyclopedic knowledge of her "body" and body of work, Don worms his way onto Riversa's good side, no easy task. Not knowing whether to fear or friend Don, Riversa finds herself at the center of a cyclone with Luke and Don both vying for her attention. A mysterious Hotel Bellboy and an unknown "watcher...

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