Mandrake was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Mandrake 2010
Actors: Victor Truro
Philip Abbott
Akshay Singh
Bobby Vatsa
Rajesh Shringarpore
Jaswinder Gardner
Amit Bhardwaj
Vishwanath Chatterjee
Director(s): Sanjay Swaraj  
IMDB Rating:3.8 out of 10 (182 votes)  


Plot Summary:

An expedition led by adventurer DARREN McCALL and funded by the wealthy Harry Vargas braves the impenetrable jungle to retrieve a fabled bejeweled dagger from an ancient burial ground. But pulling the dagger from its rightful resting place awakens the long-dormant plant creature - part plant, part animal, and all bloodthirsty -- and sends it on a feeding frenzy from which there seems scant hope of survival or escape...

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