Livelihood was filmed in 2005. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Livelihood 2005
Actors: Jeffery Hall Scotland
Milos Pjevac
Jana Milosavljevic
Andrijana Tasic
Ivon Jafali
Natasa Miljkovic
Bryan Gindoff
Maurice Kowaleski
Nick Dimitri
Robert Tessier
Julia Leigh
Hannah Bella Bowden
Benita Collings
Peter Carroll
Eden Falk
Director(s): Nikolina Jelisavac  
IMDB Rating:5.8 out of 10 (36 votes)  


Plot Summary:

A comedy/drama/horror film. Billy Jump is an 80's rock star. Alexander Keaton is a corporate lackey with a cheating fiancée. Vida is an evil mother in-law who torments Jean, her daughter in-law, incessantly. But Billy Jump is electrocuted by his guitar. Alexander has his head chopped off by a samurai. And Vida is mysteriously poisoned by tapioca pudding. Then the dead randomly start coming back to life. They don't eat brains, but they do want their old lives back. We follow the trials and tribulations of these three as they try to pick up where they left off, to mixed results. Billy Jump is trying to get his band back together for a big comeback, only to find that his old band members aren't quite the same people they used to be. Alexander wants his job back, but has been replaced by a computer, and his fiancée has taken his house and is shacking up with another woman...

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