Hamburger Hill was filmed in 1987. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Hamburger Hill

Hamburger Hill 1987
Actors: Gregory Poppen
Cody Hanford
Sándor Bolla
John Bianco
Chuck Liddell
Dustin Schuiling
Olwyn Hanley
Ennio De Concini
Sylvia Lopez
Primo Carnera
Gabriele Antonini
IMDB Rating:6.5 out of 10 (8577 votes)  


Plot Summary:

A brutal and realistic war film focuses on the lives of a squad of 14 U.S. Army soldiers of B Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infanty Regiment, 101st Airborne Division during the brutal 10 day (May 11-20, 1969) battle for Hill 937 in the A Shau Valley of Vietnam as they try again and again to take the fortified hill held by the North Vietnamese, and the faults and casualties they take every time in which the battle was later dubbed "Hamburger Hill" because enemy fire was so fierce that the fusillade of bullets turned assaulting troops into shreded hamburger meat.

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