Oranges and Sunshine was filmed in 2010. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Oranges and Sunshine

Oranges and Sunshine 2010
Actors: Nate Mooney
Macon Blair
David Gene Gibbs
Laila Morse
Rochelle Wiseman
Sean Talo
Sergio Garrone
Vinicio Marinucci
Director(s): Perry Kendall  
IMDB Rating:7.1 out of 10 (889 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Set in 1980s Nottingham, social worker Margaret Humphreys holds the British government accountable for child migration schemes and reunite the children involved -- now adults living mostly in Australia -- with their parents in Britain.

'Oranges and Sunshine' is a sobering, eye-opening film that looks back from the viewpoint of the late 1980s...

This is a brilliant film, superbly and sensitively telling a story that I hadn't heard before. It is not easy viewing, but it is compelling. The lead plays ...

Disappointed with this shallow film. It makes us aware of a little-known but distressing event in our history but as a film leaves the viewer unmoved.

You might find it hard to believe that a government could be so callous, a true story of the fate of thousands of innocent children in fifties Britain

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