Dune was filmed in 2000. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Dune 2000
Actors: Otto Preminger
Trevin Lica
Randall Zisk
Jamie Harrold
Umberto Pelizzari
Jack Golden Russell
Cecelia Ann Birt
Paul L. Nolan
Lori Galinski
Mark Gantt
Frank Patton
Jorge R. Hernandez
Director(s): Cody McMains  
IMDB Rating:6.9 out of 10 (8237 votes)  


Plot Summary:

In the 11th millennium SHADDAM IV., ruler of the Galactic Empire, rids himself of his competitor Prince LETO by giving him control of the desert planet Dune also called Arrakis; fully aware that its present owner, Baron HARKONNEN, will not give it up without a fight. The reason is that Arrakis is the source of the valuable spice, a substance produced by enormous and dangerous sand worms, which bestows special mental qualities on anyone who consumes it. A short while later Harkonnen does indeed succeed in ambushing and massacring Leto and his men. Leto's mistress JESSICA, who is a member of the clairvoyant order of Bene Gesserit, manages to escape into the desert with her son PAUL, and after a long and dangerous march they finally encounter the Fremen, the long suppressed desert tribe of Arrakis. Impressed by Paul's clairvoyant abilities, tribal prince STILGAR takes in the fugitives. Very soon the Fremen are convinced that Paul is their long-prophesied redeemer...

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