Oldeuboi was filmed in 2003. We can attribute this movie to the genre:


Oldeuboi 2003
Actors: Richard Davalos
Robert Donner
Warren Finnerty
William H. Macy
Frances McDormand
Peter Stormare
Kristin Rudrüd
Harve Presnell
Tony Denman
Gary Houston
Sally Wingert
Kurt Schweickhardt
Larissa Kokernot
Melissa Peterman
John Estrada
Director(s): Morgan Woodward  
IMDB Rating:8.4 out of 10 (117867 votes)  


Plot Summary:

An average man is kidnapped and imprisoned in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. He then is released, equipped with money, a cellphone and expensive clothes. As he strives to explain his imprisonment and get his revenge, Oh Dae-Su soon finds out that his kidnapper has a greater plan for him and is set onto a path of pain and suffering in an attempt to uncover the motive of his mysterious tormentor.

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