Jericho Mansions was filmed in 2003. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Jericho Mansions

Jericho Mansions 2003
Actors: Joan-Carol O'Connell
Richard Nixon
Lenny Safko
Kenneth Tsang
Christopher Chaplin
Mathias Jung
Geoff Murphy
Richard Hatem
Everett McGill
Afifi Alaouie
Andy Romano
David Gianopoulos
Director(s): Denise Chalem  
IMDB Rating:5.4 out of 10 (578 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Leonard Grey has been the super of the apartment building Jericho Mansions owned by Lily Melnick for thirty years. Leonard is slow and agoraphobic, as well as having amnesia, and dedicates his leisure time to build a complex bridge with clips. When the husband of the landlady (Lily) dies and she receives a call from her sister that lives in Europe, Lily rebukes Leonard and tries to force him to be fired or arrested by the police, forging evidences that he is a thief. However, most of the dwellers like Leonard and he stays working in the building. When Bill Cherry, husband of the masseuse Donna Cherry and lover of Dolores O'Donell, is murdered in Jericho Mansions during the night, the police investigate. There are many suspects, including Dolores's betrayed husband Eugene; Lily and Leonard. However, Jericho Mansions hides a dark and cruel secret.

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