The Twelve Chairs was filmed in 1970. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

The Twelve Chairs

The Twelve Chairs 1970
Actors: Tarô Arakawa
Rudolph Valentino
Chris Eastman
Steven Elliot
Brian McCaig
Scott Jaeck
Pat Crowley
Ferrell Barron
Lucky Luciano
Michael P. Northey
Mike Klemak
Reilly Kiff
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Director(s): Lisa Zane  
IMDB Rating:6.6 out of 10 (2085 votes)  


Plot Summary:

A treasure hunt. An aging ex-nobleman of the Czarist regime has finally adjusted to life under the commisars in Russia. Both he and the local priest find that the family jewels were hidden in a chair, one of a set of twelve. They return separately to Moscow to find the hidden fortune.

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